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Thread: nad vs hafler

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    nad vs hafler

    wondering if a nad 2200 or a hafler dh200 would be a better match to run a set of jbl L100t speakers. I will be using a nad 7140 reciever as a preamp? my main concern would be for music.

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    I personally would go with the DH200 all day long. Its just my personal opinion but I love the Hafler sound. Plus the Hafler just has this whole visual thing about it, the NAD just looks like any old amp, the Hafler has character.

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    Give them both a good listening to and decide which one you prefer.


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    Both are respectable amps

    But since you're requesting opnions: I personally would lean toward the Hafler, but as entwistle101 says, give them a good A|B test. I recommend listening to as wide a variety of music as you can lay your hands on for the audition. If I remember right, the L100t is a good general speaker but tends to support rock\modern country\jazz better than solo aria vocals, but you have to decide that for yourself.

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