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    NAD c270 & receiver

    I have been looking for a good 2 channel amp for a couple months,I decided to go with an nad c270,good price and good reviews,I will be pairing it up with a denon dra 685 receiver it will be my preamp.I run a powered sub,I run it through speaker wire because theres no sub out line on the receiver,what I want to know is,now that I have an amp,should I continue to run the sub and speakers together...via speaker cable,or could I run the sub off the receiver power and my speakers off the's and con's...thanx!

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    That all depends...

    Are you planning on running another pair of speakers off the receiver too, or would you just be running the powered sub off it? Here's what I think:

    If you are running another pair of speakers, then I don't think it makes any difference what you run the sub from, they take so little juice from the line that I doubt you would notice it anyways. If it were me I would run it off the amp though, just cause there is more juice to play with. If your not going to run speakers off the receiver then I would just run the powered sub off the amp, and do away with the receiver all together.

    If I remember right there are a set of pre-out's on the C270 which would work even better to hook up your powered sub, just as another option to throw at you. Or of course you could always just sell it all and buy a Sony boom box.....? hehe (obviously not being serious)

    Let us know what you think or if you have any more questions.

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