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    MF A5cr Pre & Pwr Problems


    Can somebody please advise me on the most suitable floorstanding speakers to use with the MF A5cr Pre and Pwr amplifiers. I mostly listen to R'n'B and Dance, so I need a few recommendations on a few speakers for me to demo. They must have fantastic detail, slam and a tight bass with no boominess, which I cannot stand.

    At the moment I have been using my Kef Ref 1:2's for the past 5 years, but I do find them a bit refined with this style of music.

    Your advice will be very grateful.


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    Dynaudios should be a good match, methinks. They might be a little boomy in your room, however.
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    First: What's your budget?????

    The best high-end setup I've heard for R&B, Dance etc... was a MF XT100 & X-Ray V8 combined with a pair of Monitor Audio Gold GS20s.... So I suspect that you might find exactly what you're looking for with either the Silver or Gold lines from Monitor Audio.

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    I'm looking for speakers between 800 - 1500, and they must be floorstanders.
    Your recommendation on the MA could be the one for me to demo, but I am open to suggestions.


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