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    Arrow Looking for a good AMP

    I am a newbie here. i just got some idea in my mine. I confusing because i don't know much about this. I would like to ask How to compare CARVER A 760 and Rotel 1090. I Looked on Ebay there are almost same price for used item confused. Please help me solve this problem. Thanks in advance

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    Its really all about your hearing

    Some people hear differences in amps that others don't. Also the room acoustics, source material, setup, etc all change the perception and performance as well. But for my 2 cents when I listened to a few Rotel amps, different power ratings, on a few different speakers, B&W and Krell, the Rotel amps seemed to be straining on very clean and dynamic music. An A/B test with other amps showed this very clearly. I wasn't pushing the amps i listened to at all either, maybe 1/4 to 1/3 volume if that. I could hear imperfections like the Rotel just wasn't up to the task. The Carver equipment I have heard didn't have that problem. All the Carver equipment I have listened to was stuff made while Mr. Carver still owned Carver also. I can't qualify this in a technical fashion. There are other issues out there for and against almost anything but this is one of the issues with amps that always gets my attention. I seem to hear it very fast when this problem occures.
    If those are the two you are looking at I would say the Carver. But that is just me. I would definately get a few more opinions first.

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    I'm a little partial (owning a Carver A-760X) but.... I would say that they are both really nice amps considering the price.. In my opinion the Carver would give you more clean power under stress and a little more detail. Great for speakers that are a little less efficient or more difficult to drive than average. Probably a better choice for 4 or 6 ohm speakers as well.

    I'd say the Rotel tends to sound a little warmer, (some might even say more refined) which might be a good thing on some systems. Especially when the speakers are a little on the bright side. This Rotel does not like to be driven too hard, and may even become damaged if you try.

    The Rotel was selling for quite a bit more when I bought the Carver (Carver was going out of business) so my choice was a little easier. I'm stiil happy with my choice years later though. The Carver is a really nice-sounding amp and has proven to be quite bulletproof as well.

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    Thumbs up

    Thank you very much

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