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    a little fuse problem

    Hello, I am occasionally prone to intelligent thought processes, however I seem to have had a lapse of late. I have a proton model am 3oo stereo amplifier, and I was moving about a month ago I blew the fuse when I unhooked the spagetti. I then took it and put it into my pocket and drove down to the store and it evaporated enroute! this would be no problem except that on the unit the only fuse designation is " type T3A 250V fuse" the man at the store was no help as I could not tell him the amp rating I needed I am not sure about the T3A does that mean 3 Amp? I have spent a couple hours searching online and can come up with little which brings me here to the top of the mountain if there is a guru out there please help I miss my system dearly ...thanks

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    Yes you need a 3 amp fuse of the same size. Your local hardware or electronics store should have one. I had to replace one in an amp also. HTH
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