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    Kenwood KA-601 or KA9100


    I can buy one of this...I know KA9100 is highly praised but is KA-601 any good to? I think they are lovely nice looking bad they dont make them any more like this.

    I want that 70`s sound am also running a little midi studio and want that warm sound from a amp.

    Sorry if my english is not that good

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    Looking at the Orion's blue book, it has the KA-9100 listed at 90 wpc and the KA-601 at 60wpc. The KA-9100 looks like a "Monster" with it's size and front panel watt meters, where the KA 601 looks like a well made, clean design.
    I have owned some Kenwood receivers in the past and have nothing but good things to say about them, both of these amps are going to be great.
    If given a choice, it would be the KA 9100, it has more wattage, it looks better and has better resell value. Sound wise, I really believe that you would have a hard time telling these two apart.

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