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    How much volts are from amplifier?

    Amplifier is 150W per channel and 8 ohms. How much volts are in speaker cables?

    I need it to buy right switch for speakers.

    Thank you.

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    The Power Formula: W=V*I
    The Ohm's Law : V=I*R
    From the above formulas V=SquareRoot(W*R)

    For 100W output at 8 Ohms: V=28.3 Volts
    For 150W output at 8 Ohms: V=34.6 Volts
    For 200W output at 8 Ohms: V=40.0 Volts

    For 100W output at 4 Ohms: V=20.0 Volts
    For 150W output at 4 Ohms: V=24.5 Volts

    Note: Though the output voltage is lower for 4 Ohm loads, the current is about SQRT(2)=1.41 times more compared to 8 Ohm loads, for any given power level.

    I would buy a switch rated for not less than 100 V.

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    Thank you very much!

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