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    Question How to connect Marantz receiver + Marantz Amp + Equalizer

    This is my first post to this forum and I sincerely hope to find my answer here from you Audio experts. here is:

    I have:

    Marantz Receiver 2226b (w/ pre-out , main-in jacks also tape monitor)
    Marantz Console Amp 1060 (w/ pre-out , main-in jacks also tape monitor)
    Marantz 5420 Tape Deck
    Marantz 5010b Tape Deck
    Marantz LV520 LD CD Player
    Numark Turntable
    Tarkus (brazilian) Semi-Professional Equalizer (able to connect 2 tape decks)

    My question is: How to connect those equip in order to get the best sound ?

    You can reach me at :

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    Connection of Equalizer

    Hello Fabio.

    I would reccomend using the Receiver as the switching device it is designed to be.

    Start by connecting all your sources to your receiver, then try two alternatives to connect it to your equalizer and amp:

    1.) use the tape monitor loop (tape out) on your receiver to connect to the Equalizer source inputs, then connect the EQ out back to your receivers tape in input, finally connect your receivers preamp out to your amplifier input and connect your speakers to the amplifier. When you play a source, select the correct source on your receiver and switch on the Tape Monitor. Your output will sound equalized. When you want to remove the Equalizer attenuation, turn off the tape monitor switch on your receiver and your sound will not be processed. (you switch your equalizer attenuation on and off by selecting the Tape Monitor button on your receiver) This is how I have my system set up.

    2.) use the preamp output of the receiver to connect it to the audio input of your equalizer. then connect the equalizer output to your amplifier input. I dont know the specifications of your equalizer but this one should work well if the levels on your EQ outputs are the correct ones, the problem is that you will not be able to turn equalization off unless your EQ has a defeat button (even setting the EQ to flat will color the sound in some way)

    I hope this helps.


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