Trying to suprise my better OTHER I purchased the Aura Pro Bass Shakers thru Parts Express. The advice was I needed 3 for our couch. I got them and could not get the effect. Called Parts Express again and found out I needed a sub amp. Ok, I talk to another rep who tells me I need a 250Watt sub amp and tells me I need to Y out the cable coming from my recevier to my Polk Powered 10" sub to allow the amp info also. Ok, I've bought the new Y cable, another sub cable for the amp and I have 3 Aura Pro Bass Shakers (from original advice) on hand to be installed.

I got the new amp & cables today from Parts Express. Come to find out I also need wire nuts etc... I go to the local radio shack and find out I should only run the Aura Pro Bass Shakers in series of 2, 4 or 8. "I purchased 3."

So, I'm going to hook up 2 (not 3 per advice) of these tomorrow. I would greatly appreciate hands on experience with these Aura Pro Bass Shakers because everyone I've talked to does not own them but has alot of advice on how to hook em up.

Would like some hands on experience storys with these Pro Shakers.