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    Question Aura Bass Shakers from receiver?

    Hi everybody. I have a Yamaha RX-V992 (80W X 5) receiver with a Rotel (200W X 2) outboard amp running from my main channel pre-outs to main speakers. My main speaker outs are now unused on the receiver. Question is: Can I run a pair of Aura Bass Shakers run in series from each of the main speaker outs from the receiver or are the main amplified speaker outs from the receiver now inoperative because I am running the outboard amp from the main speaker pre-outs? I already have the Bass Shakers ordered, Uh, oh!

    Thanx for any input.

    Harold P.

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    If I recall correctly, these require quite a few watts to drive 'em and I don't think your receiver will handle it nicely. The Rotel should, though. You may wanna check this out pretty soon.

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    you should be fine

    if anything you'll be over powering them a little bit. They can only handle 25 watts rms. Yeh you'll be able to use your main speaker outputs from your receiver to power them. Tell us how they turn out for you cause I was looking at them, too bad the time you get them they'll be back up to $30 a pair. Partsexpress is really puting out some good deals with their 12 days of christmas. The other day I saw the Dayton Titanic 12" driver for only $90! It's back up to $140 i believe.


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    Noo Joisey. Youse got a problem wit dat?

    mea culpa

    "This guy" is correct. I was confusing these with "buttkickers" which do thesame thing but require much more power than the "bass shakers".

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    do these come with

    the optional butt plug attachment?

    seriously, these are gimmicky things. no need for them in any serious system. they came into being in the dj world so the dj could tell when the actual beat was occurring, and not going by the delayed sound from the room speakers.

    i was given a pair and i gave them away still sealed.

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