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    Help please which amp should i buy

    Hi everyone

    I'm a complete beginner when it comes to hi fi so any advice would be greatly recieved. I have decided to dip my toe into the world of seperates but having a limited budget i've opted to take my chances in the second hand market. My first aquisition is a pair of Kef Concerto floor mount speakers and very nice they are too. A friend of mine has lent me a Cambridge audio A1 mark 3 amp and i am using my ipod as the source. Without having anything to compare it to i am very pleased with the results but would like some advice as to what would be a good amp to buy for myself that would knock spots off the Cambridge without clearing out my bank account. Bear in mind i will be buying something from ebay and will probably stretch to 150. If that money wont buy me a marked difference then i will stick with the cambridge untill i can save more money. Also i am using the headphone out on the ipod to the amp, is this ok or do i need a dock.

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    If you are using compressed files save your money and stick with the Cambridge.

    It's difficult to say what some one else would consider a marked improvement.

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