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    Help Me Choose!: 2-channel Rig

    I am being offered the opportunity to purchase one of the following units at cost: the NAD320bee, the Marantz PM7200 or the Rotel RC-1070/RB-1050 combination. I realize that this isn't an apples-to-apples comparison: the first two are being offered at the same cost and the combo is being offered at double the cost (of either of the first two). I'm willing to pay for the Rotel combo if there's a significant performance advantage.

    Any thoughts? When I demoed the three rigs, they all sounded very good on a pair of twenty year old Paradigm towers that I will never part with.

    Opinions appreciated.

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    I have heard the NAD 320bee over several months and enjoyed the warm character of NAD gear. Haven't heard the Marantz but if it has the typical Marantz house sound, it will also be on the warmer side of neutral like the NAD. I have auditioned the rotel combo and have owned several Rotel power amps. To me, the Rotel power amps are a good value for money but the preamps tend to sound a bit cold and clinical and some downright thin and harsh. It all depends on what you prefer and what speakers they are mated to. I would pick the rotel power amp and mate it to an entry level tube pre like an AES AE-3, Quicksilver, TAD-150 or similar but that's just me. Of the three choices you have, i would get the 320bee.

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    Your a right kinda thinking guy.

    So what did you get?
    There's a solution for that problem,
    Its called 2 channels

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    Still thinking...

    Haven't chosen yet. Still demoing.

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