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    6 channel vs multiple 2 channel amps

    I have a denon 3802 I will be using as a pre amp and want to add more amps to the preouts for more power. I will be using system for both HT and stereo . is there any difference in performance and sound quality between using a 6 channel amp or using 3 separate 2 channel amps, all rated at 200watts per channel. Is there any difference in sound quality if using a 2 channel amp for music versus using the 6 channel amp in stereo 2 channel mods, again both are 200 watts per channel

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    On the surface, I'd say no, but there are some who argue crosstalk, feedback, etc could filter through the multi-channel amp. This of course assumes the 6-channel amp incorporates all the same design specs, only tripled. I'm not sure I buy that, if the amp is of the same quality, just "more" of it, it shouldn't matter.
    There's probably a space savings with the big amp over 3 smaller ones, but you definitely have more flexibility if you buy 3 separate amps if you upgrade again in the future...not having to do "all at once".
    Could be advantageous to buy a really good 2-channel amp for stereo, and supplement with more economical power amps for the surround channels. That's something like what I did.

    In my "7.1" system, I have 2 Adcom GFA 535II's powering the mains, and center, an AudioSource powering the side surrounds (great little amp), and the receiver handling the two rear center channels. I honestly can't hear any variation between the amps/receiver sound profiles when all channels are playing on DVD's...the better amps handle the more important channels. In 2-channel listening (done rarely since I have another dedicated stereo system), the Adcom's are the better amps sound wise in my opinion. This has allowed me to buy piecemeal a bit more cost effective. There's some great budget power amp out there these days, and tons of good stuff on ebay and audiogon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bertsummerkids
    is there any difference in performance and sound quality between using a 6 channel amp or using 3 separate 2 channel amps, all rated at 200watts per channel.
    Yes or no, depending upon the choices. Unfortunately, yours is such a broad question as to be meaningless without specifics.


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