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    Embarassing question!

    I am totally new to the audio world and am trying to put together a home theater system. Chances are that I am getting a Onkyo 705 receiver, Monitor Audio S6 or PSB Image T55 for the floors, same brand surrounds, and a Paradigm PS-1200 sub.

    Here is the embarassing question....... do I need an amp for this system? Does the receiver do anything to drive the speakers (built in amp)? I would really like to push the speakers if I would like to but I do not know if the speakers that I have selected have enough ability to take advantage of an amp.

    There are other things I do not understand such as a pre-amp and biwiring, but we'll stick with the basics for now!

    Thanks in advance!!

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    A receiver, such as the 705, has a preamp section, power amp section, A/V processing and tuner all in one box. Just hook up your speakers and go, well, of course, after maddening set up. The 705 does have an auto speaker set up feature which should help you. I've heard mixed reviews on the difficulty of using it. Recommend it though for anyone just getting started, especially. Good choices in gear.

    The preamp/power amp are just the various pieces in separate components. An integrated amp is a pre/pwer in one box without any tuner.

    Bi-wiring, I've never done it and feel with good speakers it's not necessary.

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    Hey Crash

    ,It's not embarrassing at all.I tell you what's embarrasing. Claiming you have decades of audio experience, and refusing to accept ideas and truths, outside of your knowledge. Well that's another topic.....

    I pressume Monitor Audio you are referring to is a pair of RS6.Whether you get a pair of RS6 or T55, you should not have any trouble playing music with Onkyo 705. Onkyo should be powerful enough to get you noise complaints from your community.

    Your future choice of speakers are fairly "Efficient", meaning Onlyo 705 will not have to work over their capacity to play your favorite music or movies.They have efficiency of 91 dBs at 6ish ohm. Most Loudspeaker companies rate their speaker @ 8 or 4 ohms. They rate their particular speaker at 6Ohms for some reason, but you shouldnt worry too much, as long as the number is higher than 4 Ohms.

    I'll say go for whatever speakers you find pleasing, but be sure to ask us questions or keep us posted.

    Best Regards,

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