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    Question Does anybody have experience with AMC or Audio Source amps?

    My boss has been looking at the AMC-2100 and the AudioSource Amp One/A as inexpensive solutions to replace an ancient NAD 30 watt per channel amp.

    Neither of us have ever heard any of these products, and I haven't come across any reasonable reviews of these that tell me much.

    Both of these can be found for $100-$150 used, or even less. And he's seen bothf for about $200 new plus $20 or for shipping. I've suggested he should consider a used Adcom 535 which can be found usually in the same price range, or something comparable from NAD, but he wants something a bit newer, and more than 60 wpc (he does have an exceptionally large living room).

    What are the characteristics of AudioSource and AMC sound? Could you compare them to another line of amps like NAD, Rotel, Adcom?
    Should these be avoided? If so why?

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    I have a Audiosource Amp One 80 watter. I think its the one of the best if not budget amps out there. I have owned a lot of amps and stereo equipment. Plus it has a speaker switch. A feature that I like, but most dont. You can find one around $100-150 bucks on Ebay or audiogon. Not much experience with AMC amps, but i have a AMC T7 tuner thats not bad. AMC and Audiosource are entry level into high end. AMC being a little more wothy lately. The low buck system I can recommend is:
    Older NAD 2 channel receiver (PE models). $ 100.00
    PSB Alpha or PSB 300 speakers: $ 100.00
    NAD 502, 512 or 522 CD player: $ 125.00
    or a Marantz CD63
    Audioquest Type 4 or Indigo speaker cable (8Ft run): $50.00
    Audioquest Topaz or Rudy 1M interconnects: $50.00
    Monster HP HTS 400 line conditioner: $ 40.00

    These are used prices and can be found on Ebay and
    You gotta pay to play in this hobby. This is nickel and dime stuff compared to the stuff in stereophile magazine.

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    Thanks for the reply AudioAlleyCat, I'm quite familiar with NAD, Adcom, and Rotel, I have these in my house right now. $100-$150 can get you some decent gear from these manufacturers as well.

    Do you have any experience as to how the Amp One would compete with an Adcom, Rotel, or NAD of similar specs?
    I guess I'm just hesitant to recommend he buy an Audiosource because of quality issues in the past. Not that Adcom or NAD haven't had their own problems (my first 2 NAD amps both needed warranty work) but generally their solid units with a punchy, detailed sound.

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