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    Denon AVR 1604 or Yamaha RX V540?

    Can someone help me in choosing which of the above receivers would best match with Wharfedale Diamond 8.4 speakers? Thanks!

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    Receivers basically allsound the same so I would be mmore concerned with the features you want. I chose the Marantz 4300 over Yamaha and Denon because it has a longer warranty, was cheaper, and has the abiility to let you upgrade later...which is absolutely vital to me. It has preouts which allow you to add on a dedicated power amp for each of the 6 channels. And if I do say so myself it I think it looks better to boot.

    Since Marantz and Denon are the same company makes sense to go with the one that has the most options.

    The 4400 has just come out so you like me may get the 4300 or 5300 at huge discounts. I got the 4300 for roughly half price.

    Here's some reviews of older models which will sound the same but offer lesser features. They review in a panel of listeners blind and sighted.

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    I have the denon 1804 and it has no pre outs either, so if you are set on denon with options in the future to upgrade you will have to buck up for the 2803.

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    Thanks guys for your suggestions

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