I'm in the process of purchasing a new 2 channel system and need some advice on components. I'm pretty settled on a pair of Vienna Acoustic Mozarts for speakers after hearing and seeing many alternatives (considerable WAF factor due to clean looks also!)
I'm struggling a bit more with the choice of integrated amp and combined CD/DVD player. I've narrowed down the integrated amp to either the Primare I30 (new version of the well regarded A30.1), or the Arcam FMJ A32. The Arcam gets great reviews, but it's a bit derated into 4 ohms and I've read other concerns about sufficient power. The Primare I30 is a dual mono design with great power into 4 ohms, but lacks some of the features of the Arcam (tone control, headphone jacks, fewer inputs). As for the CD/DVD player, I'm looking at both the Arcam DV-78 and the Pioneer DV-59AVI. I am very concerned about both Audio and Video performance (with a slight edge for audio) and I understand that these two pieces shine in different areas ... Arcam for CD audio performance, and the Pioneer for Video performance (and I am capable of using it's HDMI with my plasma set). I can't afford the space for more components, and don't want to push the budget much beyond these fairly high-end selections (like moving to the Arcam DV-79 for example).

Any advice would be greatly appreciated .