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    Azur 640A or Nad C352?

    Ok im still trying to decide on my amp, Im down to the Nad C352 and the Azur 640A, from what I read is they both seem to be fine amps, the Azur is about a $100.00 less than nad and I like the looks better.
    Whats the bigest Pro's and Con's?
    I have the Axiom Mti 60's

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    I ended up with the C52. The NAD to my ears was smoother and more transparent with better bass as well. The 640a is a good amp but my ears liked the NAD better. Your safe with either.

    I like NAD's philisophy of investing more on the internal parts than on aesthetics. The whole wolf in sheeps clothing appeals to me. Besides who cares what it looks like if it sounds great.

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    I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure Topspeed had the same decision to make and in the end he went with the 640A over the NAD, you might wish to seek him out.

    Having heard both, I can say you'd be happy with either. I didn't hear both beside one another though to do a head-to-head. From my experiments, I got the impression that the NAD was just a little on the bright side relative to the Cambride which was about smack dab neutral. Not that the NAD is overly bright, because it's not, but it lends itself to detail, and depending on your speakers and tastes, might be good or bad for your setup. My M3Ti's aren't all that bright sounding, I'd expect 60's to be the same. It would seem to me from memory that the NAD has more power too, but I might be wrong...otherwise one sounded about as good as the other to me...

    I think NAD has a slight edge in the reliability department, but we're splitting hairs here.

    If it was me, based on the pretty much similar performance, but slight value edge, I'd go with the 640A, myself, I'm becoming a fan of their stuff.

    You really should get out and test these for yourself though, I suspect replies to your question will be close to 50% in favor of the NAD, 50% in favor of the Azur.

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    I would go with the Azur. NAD always had a smeared sound to me. I had a C320B once which i liked. But then i had a CA P500; C500 and the Azur 540r which was a really great unit.
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