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    New Satillite Receiver w/Tivo

    I'm looking to purchase a new integrated receiver w/tivo. I currently have a dual line Dish hookup in which I'd like to take my existing receiver (move it to my office) and the new receiver and put this in my home theatre room. During this process I've learned I need three signals, two for the receiver w/Tivo and one for my other receiver. Can I purchase a splitter to keep me from getting a new dish? I belive a have a dual line disch today. I have to hookup areas in my basement.

    If I can purchase a splitter, what kind would you recommend, and where could I buy it at?


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    Since no one has replied, I will take a stab at it. I am almost certain you cannot use a splitter. Using a splitter will reduce the digital signal and I think that the reciever will not be able to convert the degraded signal. That is my educated guess, anyway.
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