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    Atoll IN 100 Integrated amplifier

    What do you think about IN 100 from Atoll? Does anyone of you ever listen to this amplifier? I own one and I'm very satisfied but I want more opinions from the most exeperiends audiophile. Thank You! I'm from Romania and my english is not the best you will see on this forum!

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    I realy don't know why my IN 100 it's geting very and I mean very hot when I put it on 4 ohm speaker. I set the volume at 12 ' a clock our and hi got very hot and hi cut of the volum. I just think the power was about 50 w no more and hi must go to 140w at maximum on 4 ohm.

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    My IN100 from Atoll it's working very well with 8 ohm speakers. I'm very satisfied , It's a great amp for hi's money . It haz a good midrange, very clean and detailed and very realistic and neutral. The highs are also very clean and realistic. On the bass it's good too with a tide and defined bass. Now I have thre pairs of speakers: M5 from Epos, Evolution 3 from Visonik (German company) and a pair of ELS 3 from Epos too in bedroom.I've got cables from Symphonic Line (harmonie, the basic and chipest one). I still haven't got a CD-player but I think to a Jadis ( expensive but good!).

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