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    Arcam A65 Integrated Amp ?

    I'd like to have some feedback on this amp? I'm considering it as an upgrade , I listen to all types of music includding jazz, electronic, rock anything else you name it. So is it a good sounding amp?

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    I can not help you with your question on sound quality other than I have read several good reviews. My reason for responding is that if you check out Audiophile Systems website they sometimes have returned or demo models at a greatly reduced price.

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    I am very familiar with Arcam. I haven't heard the A65 but almost every Alpha in that series and some of the newer stuff. I have a 3 channel Arcam FMJ amp. Arcam can drive most any speaker load. I saw a little Alpha integrated drive a pair of Martin Logan Aries. Arcam's response is very fast, dynamic and detailed. The only criticism I had with the Alpha was they seemed not to be as loud as I expected for the power rating. This may be because everything was clean and the leaner sound let all the detail through. The FMJ amps seem to have more of a beefier or more weight to the delivery. If you want to hear every note your source is capable of reproducing Arcam is the amp for the job.

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    I'm currently using the Arcam A65plus integrated, not sure if you're looking at the A65 or A65plus. This integrated is a very affordable unit to upgrade or to start out with. From what I've heard and also think, it is a fast amplifier, quite dynamic and "lively".
    Meaning it is not melow or soft.
    I find the latter is too relaxing for my taste. It's all preference. Some say it sounds too "digital".
    It is only about 40watts, but it drives my Sonus Faber concertinos (6ohms) just fine. This of course means that it's equivalent to 60watts.
    It's a very flexible integrated and will drive most speakers just fine.
    Controls are very user friendly, possible biwiring, bi-amping.
    Hope this helps.

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    The a65plus is supposed to be alot better than the non plus version -- wasn;t a big fan of the non plus version.

    I owned the Delta 290 integrated -- if you can find one used it may be your best bet from Arcam sound wise -- I preferred it to the Alpha 10 and Diva line. They come up fairly often on audiogon and ebay.

    Or you could try the Jolida 202a or ASL AQ1003 DT tube amps. The latter I would take over any Arcam -- but it runs $1K US. Way better built though.

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