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    Which amp to Power MTX 8000's subs??

    Ok, i am going to be blunt, I don't know Jack about car audio. I need help on choosing an amp. The subs I have purched are MTX 8000's, the RMS is 50-400 watts. Now I've been looking at BOSS amps, like for instance a Boss Riot R1035, I mean, the RMS is 300x2 and that's plently loud. But would you stray away from them? What amp would you suggest?

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    you're in the wrong place, this is for home audio. you want the car audio forum. to help you though avoid boss amps. check into a real amp, those subs beg for power and will take a lot. check out the alpine V-12's or a Visonic digital, or even an Earthquake Digital.

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