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    Adding 5ch to a system, pre amp question?

    Hello everyone,

    My system is as follows: Nad C320BEE (Int. Amp) / C521BEE (cd) / T533 (dvd-A etc) with Polkaudio Lsi9 . Needless to say that the match is great. I'm extemely happy with the quality.

    My question is what is best to do to make it a 5ch system to emprove dvd-Audio (suround) and dvd movie sound. Should I buy a receiver or a preamp?. I'm actually not very familiar with how a preamp works out ( hookup & setup) I already have a pair of Lsi7 and a Subwoofer Psw 202.
    From what I read, It is better to stick with nad since mixing brands is not advisable.

    Thanks for your input

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    You are going to have to do a system change unless your integrated amp has some type of provision for adding a processor. I don't think you will be happy with a receiver for both music and HT. The Arcam receivers may fit the bill, they have excellent music playback. You could have 2 systems but still you will have to acquire more speakers. I guess a question to ask would be how good do you want your HT to sound? I mean, If you didn't care so much about the quality of HT you could get a HT receiver and some package speakers for pretty cheap and have 2 systems. If you are like most and don't have 2 separate rooms and not the space for 2 systems then you may have to compromise 2 channel with going to a receiver or get ready to lay out some money and get a separate processor and amp. NAD, Rotel or Adcom should have a system for around $3k give or take. Primare offers an outstanding performing integrated with HT for around $4k. .

    You could get a HT receiver and run the front channels into your NAD if you have preouts. But then you would need some way of switching back and forth from receiver when watching movies to the NAD preamp when listening to music. You would have 2 preamps going into the power section of your NAD, the NAD and the front preamp out, of the receiver.

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