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    2 channels from 5.1 sub -> each speaker .... Possible?

    I was wondering if it would be possible to hook up 2 channels from a 5.1 klipsch multimedia sub to power some bookshelf speakers using regular speaker wire.

    Yeah I know I could just use one channel, but in the interest of more noise.... I'm a student on a bit more of a budget than a lot of people in this forum :-) but I do appreciate the advice.


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    2 speakers will place a different resistance (higher or lower depending on wiring configuration) load to the amp than one speaker.

    In the best case, your volume level with two speakers will be reduced (defeats the purpose of more speakers), in the probable case, your sound quality will be less than that you would have using only one speaker (probably more clipping at higher volumes), in the worst case your amp will overheat and may suffer permanent damage (it will be more expensive to fix than to replace the Klipsch amp in your sub)

    try it out at lower volumes and hear the difference. (will be better to hook up speakers in parallel than in series)

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