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    Toronto area repair shops?

    Hi. Does anyone know of some good vintage repair shops in the Toronto area? How about McAlister Audio in Barrie? I'm looking for a good tech for reconditioning and upgrading (integrated and a receiver). Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Call Bay/Bloor Radio and ask them for some leads. Is it a high end piece? Just be aware that a good tech will cost alot of money. It adds up quick, I wouldn't recommend it for anything short of something you really love. By the time they're through with you, you typically will have been able to buy a new unit.

    Most of the top guys charge a bench fee. This is industry slang for an estimate. Just to view your item(s) they can charge anywhere from 60 - 100. Most people are unaware of bench fees, just the simple mention of it can help you to have them reduce or scratch it all together. Just a tip. In the past I start with "How much to bench it?" This phrasing is like a semi bluff, you will sound like you really know what's up, and he may back off on the cost.

    I would suggest aside from Bay/Bloor Radio, call other reputable dealers to find out who they farm-out their work to. Some dealers will employ a tech who in turn may farm out overflow or anything he is not expert at ie. tubes.

    What specifically are your items in need of repair?

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