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    Stereophile reviews the Fisher 500-C!

    This is the first of what I hope are many more vintage gear reviews. And it's not just a trip down nostalgia lane either. They really dig into this receiver like any of the new equipment they review. This has got to be one of the most indebth coverages of a receiver I've seen yet, and one that NONE of the magazines advertisers has for sale

    You have to read the review for yourself, but suffice to say the reviewer, Peter Breuninger, makes a compelling argument for this receiver. There is also a counterpoint from Wes Phillips.
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    That's really cool, 40 years later, still getting reviews in the audiophile press. I'd say that makes it a classic. Maybe they'll do my Klipsch Cornwalls and Thorens TT next!

    I remember the guy I bought it from called it the '67 mustang of audio gear. Not the absolute best, but a beast of performance and build for the "everyman" that will hold its own through the ages. The thing really is a tank, and has performed quite well for me, using it daily 40 years after its manufacture. It does need some new tubes though, and there are too many for me to identify which ones need replacement without a tube tester. For this reason I recently took it out of the system.

    I'm about to sell it, hopefully this will help its resale value. heh heh


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    I was happy to see that!!!

    I haven't read it yet...but I'm looking forward to that..Pogue
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    Cool article, I read it last night. It got me excited about the old monster again, giving me second thoughts about selling it. It is good that they also covered the problems to be had with these things too, although I am not sure they emphasized that enough. These reviewers have the luxury of having the best techs around to get their gear working perfectly. These things are never plug and play. A good tech is always needed but they are not always easy to find, and they are not cheap.

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