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    Quote Originally Posted by 02audionoob
    Last comment on the muddy thing...Maybe your tracking force is too heavy or perhaps your tracking angle is too low. I don;t remember seeing complaints about this issue with this turntable in the owner reviews. Have you seen any?

    Your amazing noob!!!

    I set the tracking force to two grams (as it said in the manual). Then I set the tracking angle to two as well (which the manual said to do). Are you saying that I should try lowering the force to 1.5 and the tracking to 1.5 as well?

    I'll get the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser' I take it that I just touch the Stylus to it? Also, the AT95E sounds really good. Wow! The reviews and price cannot be beat!!

    Thanks again,
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    The tracking force is not as exact a science as the manual might imply. The markings on the counterweight are often inaccurate and there's nothing to say you can't at least lighten the tracking a little bit...maybe to 1.75g. Speaking of accessories, a tracking force gauge like the Shure SFG-2 is proably the best one I've got. Setting the force correctly can be harder than it seems, so a gauge will confirm for you.

    Yes...With the Magic Eraser you can just set it below your stylus and use the cueing lever to lower the stylus in the Magic Eraser maybe 3 times.

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