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Thread: Old Wharfedales

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    Old Wharfedales

    Name:  wharfedale front.jpg
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Size:  152.6 KB[ATTACH]Name:  wharfedale back.jpg
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Size:  161.0 KB[/ATTACH]Was over my father's house on Saturday. Took a couple of pictures of some very old Wharfedale speakers he has in the living room. They've been there since I first started to listen to music circa 1958 - 1960.

    There's no model number that I could see. They're 3 way speakers with a sand filled base. Anybody have any recollections of the old Wharfedales that could possibly point to a model number?
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    No clue, but I bet those suckers get the house shakin' eh???

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    those are nearly identical to the W-70 speaker. by the dates, i would guess that your fathers pre-date the W-70 by close to 5 years or so.

    here's the W-70.

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