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Thread: Jbl L-19

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    Jbl L-19

    I just got a pair of these cheap, I've never listened to a pair. How do the compare to
    8" driver units from back in the day, and how do they stack up today. I'm planning on
    replacing some things if they have a good rep. I've read they were a very good bookself
    in the late 70's/early 80's. Thanks in advance

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    The L-19's were introduced around 1978 and were consumer versions of a popular JBL "professional" studio monitor, whose model number I don't fully recall. They were decent, small bookshelf speakers, and capable of tremendous amounts of power. I was selling JBL speakers at the time, and was all but blown away when i visited the JBL factory while a factory person was switching through a series of different models, and when the L-19's were turned on, and were playing at an extraordinarily high level, they worked absolutely effortlessly. I don't remember the price point at which they sold, but many felt it was a bit steep for an 8", 2-way system. Still, the speakers performed very, very well. If you got a pair "cheap" as you say, then enjoy!

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    Thanks for the info. I'm going to invest some time and money into these and match
    them with the 4410's I have. I really like vintage speakers, and they should be a good
    addition. Tks

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