Hi everyone, first post. I don't have much experience at all with receivers or surround sound but lately I've been trying to put together a very simple retro setup for a tape deck, LD player and CD player. I recently picked up a Pioneer VSX-52 A/V receiver but I've had no luck getting any sound out of it.

Firstly I can find virtually no information about this model online. whenever you search for VSX-52 a much newer model comes up. Mine is from 1995 and looks like the one in this auction.

Pionner Elite VSX-52 Stereo Receiver | eBay

Unfortunately I cant seem to get any sound out of it. It powers on and every button on the front seems to work and the display lights up and registers everything but I cannot seem to get sound out of it with even the simplest setup. I have tried hooking up a CD and Tape deck to it through the labeled jacks on the rear and even other jacks just to see if the jacks were bad as well as connecting the speakers every way possible but it just won't output to the speakers.

since I'm so new to this am I missing something? I know the easiest option would just be to buy a newer receiver but call me eccentric I guess cause I'd really love to get this old one working to match the vintage of my LD and Tape deck. could the reviver itself be dead? blown caps inside? any suggestions?