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    OK Kex & Geof, you asked for it...

    What do you think about the costs of prescriptions? Too much I bet. Here are two quotes from another thread that started about wire. No time to post more. Wifey calls.

    Don't get me started. This could be it's own thread. Co-pay of $30+ for 30 pills, insurance pays them the other 80 to 90%. All for something that cost them $1 or less to make.
    Anyway, I found this wire to be a fair deal.

    Man, oh man, you guys have no idea. Since moving back to Canada as an adult with the odd medical problem, I've got more appreciation for just how messed up the health system is. We are basically bending over and letting these drug companies stick their slimy suppositories up our...well you know
    I cannot belive how much cheaper prescription and OTC drugs are up here... And there's no reason for it. Their public health care system doesn't subsidize the drug industry. Apparently it's even better in some European countries.
    I guess if you never get sick it doesn't matter.
    My dad's lucky he has the army's plan, but at his age with his problems he'd have to take out a 2nd mortgage if he was on his own.
    Guess we should all be buying Glaxo or Pfizer stock.
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    Yeah, nothing like venting about how much we give to the drug companies. I blame the crappy state of patent law. And the fact, this is everyone's fault but mine.

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    The one piece of legislation that got rammed through

    Quote Originally Posted by kexodusc
    Yeah, nothing like venting about how much we give to the drug companies. I blame the crappy state of patent law. And the fact, this is everyone's fault but mine.
    Before people got wise to what the Bush administration had in mind was the Perscription drug act of 2005. Now, all US seniors on Medicaid will have to choose from a program that was written BY the Drug companies specifically designed for their maximum profit.

    Although it's only just gone into effect, we've already seen suicides by seniors not able to afford the cost of pain medication, and also not able to live with the crippling pain. To me this law is nothing less than legal torture at the hands of the drug companies.

    New slogan for medicaid is now;

    "pay us your last dollar and/or die"
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    No different over here. It even transfers from human medicine to animals. To have a dogs first vaccination cost around £ 54.- here. I can fly to Ireland for £ 9 rtn. and buy the live vaccine for 10 Euro and administer it myself. So the vet also takes his cut.
    But I am so thankful for the Nhs over here "Free medical care at the point of need for everyone." But prescription charges now stand at £6.95 per Item. So not cheap and a good earner for the Drug companies.


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    all i can say is...godbless O.H.I.P, and Harper better not F**k it up!

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