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    What's up with M-design?

    Has anybody checked out any of this stuff? It seems pretty pricey. I gotta wonder what kind of sound quality could be expected from what is pretty much furniture.

    I wouldn't mind a setup like this for an on-wall plasma or lcd setup, if the sound was decent.
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    I needs me an action couch

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    it's about the music
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    from one of their speaker's feature list...
    "Employs up to 56 high-resolution drivers creating a ├┤wall of sound" that cannot be reproduced by conventional loudspeakers."

    I don't know how crazy i'd be about a column holding 56 drivers... doesnt sound like a very acoustically correct idea to me...
    I remember the days when I thought 128kbps sounded great and had never spent more than 10 bucks on cables...

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