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    the best place in the world
    I figure your in Oz, so if you can get to somplace like "Eastwoods" they would be too happy to show you whats available to suit both the wallet and taste, there are plenty of good dealers in "the best place in the world".
    Harvey Wallbangers tend to sell cheapies as does JB; but it all depends on what you really want, a stereo or home theatre system.
    I have both;
    For my HT I chose Energy 7.1 which is run easily by my Onkyo TX-SR 705.
    For my 2 channel I chose JMlab Focals paired with CA 650A/650C ... not everyones choice but I liked them so they are now mine.
    Try before you buy Cobber.

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    Thanks Bluey and yes it is hard to find hifi places on this great land
    Sony Bravia 46" 200hz
    Yamaha RX-V3900
    Klipsch ICON VF35
    Klipsch SW450 sub

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    Any retailer carry Martin Logan? I just heard the Motion 12 from the Motion series and was really impressed, there's several models in this series so you can put together a 5 channel set up if desired.

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