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    Question What is speaker Run in and procedure for run in ?


    I am a novice to this HI-FI world, I have recently bought a Yamaha vx2400 receiver + a pair of Quad 11l's and Monitor Audio Bronze B2.

    This site and your reviews have been very useful in deciding the above systems. Thanks guys.

    I have set it up and quite impressed with the performance, but I wish to understand "Speaker Run in" or "Burn" a little more in detail.

    Appreciate if you could share , what exactly is a speaker run in and how to do a proper speaker run in ?

    Thanks guys

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    I've never been one to fully support the burn in idea. Most folks play pink or white noise through the speakers at a good volume for a number of hours. The idea being to get the mechanical parts of the speaker moving and getting to know each other, much like breaking in a car engine. Personally, I don't think there is much difference in breaking in speakers with noise rather than a variety of music. I know the music is much more enjoyable to listen to for the first few days.

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