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    What poweramp for a B&W 802?

    Hello all,

    I have the aforementioned Loudspeakers which I like very much but I think my Meridian 505's are not powerfull enough to get the 802's to deliver a nice and thight low with a real punch.

    Is there a amplifier that does wonders with the 802's


    The Netherlands
    (I hope my English makes sense)

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    The 802 does not need the power many claim it does. The 802 is the best in the line(other than the Model Nautilus) and you should be good with a number of amplifiers from YBA, Sugden Masterclass, or even some bigger BAT or VTL Tube amps. I was not impressed with B&W when mated with Bryston, McIntosh(SS) and Classe - and oddly the best I ever heard with the 801 was an 11 watt NuVista Tube. You could not play very loud but it was absolutely glorious in the mid-band - getting big speakers to not sound harsh and dissapear was tremendous. So do look at bigger tube amps.

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