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    Question What amplifier with Nautilus 802

    Hi , I intend to buy Nautilus 802.
    Does anybody has them?
    What kaind of amplifier do you suggest?

    What is your opinion on Krell KAV 400xi??

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    Well I assume you liked the sound of the B&W N802 - if that is the case and you're not buying it based off of some review or advertising hype then WHAT was the amp running them when you liked them?

    The best thing to do is to listen to "complete" systems and then find a "complete" systems that sounds amazing - then try and buy all the componants in that system. Lots of equipment may very well be very good - put em together may not be a good result. I'd make sure you listen long and hard to the N802 - They'te good but IMO overpriced - ditto on the Krell's I've heard. It depends on the sound I guess that you;re looking for.

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