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    By the way........RGA.

    Hi sr,

    I wish you a happy new year. You know I have more than two years reading this forum almost one time by day so I know your speaker preferences and your dislike about Paradigms or some Paradigm models. I own the Studio 100 v2 because I got them at an incredible price of $600 the set. I am not a fanatic of any particular speaker. This means I am really neutral and honest evaluating speaker's sound. Sr I am recomending you to spend some time listening to the new Paradigm Studio v3 line, specially the Studio 60 v3. I was in my local dealer a few weeks ago and listened to them. Sr, only one word IMPRESSIVE. I listened to them with Musical Fidelity, Arcam, and Conrad Johnson staffs. They sounded pretty good with all of them. My local dealer also sells Snell, Wilson, B&W, Thiel, Avalon, Triangle, etc.
    Everybody there agreed that they don't have any other speaker set costing less than $3000.00 with this incredible sound. I suggest you listen to them forgeting they are made by Paradigm because it may be damage your real sense of appreciation. Sr, these speakers are awesome in all ways. I don't believe that so many people with experience in this world can be wrong.


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    Happy new year and holidays to you as well.

    It really does not matter what I think or your dealer's think...what matters is what the buyer thinks...preferably an opinion based on what he/she believes and not what the dealer has to say or what they choose to push onto people.

    I listened briefly to the 100V3 before Christmas but unfortunately only the bog box chains up here carry them right now. The high end dealer won't carry them until the old stock V2's are cleared because they are not big enough to carry too much stuff from one brand - instead they carry a huge amount of brands but only have a few of them in stock.

    I won't make too many comments until I hear them with my discs and in a good room. The room was not too bad and the equipment was over 8k worth of Anthem gear. But because the center channel and subwoofer were connected and on - It's impossible to review the actual 100s alone. The sound was terrible but it was because they had the sub cranked to wow the buyers.

    Dealers tell you what you want to hear most often. The high end dealer that carries them hear and have been there for more than 20 years as one of the biggest in Canada and possibly the continent like them as mid-fi speaker and rock music...they would call them a good solid competant speaker but outclassed by the Nautilus, MLs etc.

    $600.00 is a steal of a deal on the 100. I doubt you could possibly do better for $600.00 than the Studio 100V2. They're certainly excellent for $2kcdn. It's a matter of taste...their house sound is not my favorite and chances are the V3 retains the house sound...since Paradigm owners already love the Paradigm house sound...then the fact they love the V3 means it probably is similar. I would prefer a total re-wrking in design eliminating multiple small drivers, eliminating polypropolyne and metal drivers. B&W would do well to re-work certain models as well - just to my ear. I wish both would pay more attention to sound than looks.

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