I'm currecntly refinishing my basement and am excited but overwhelmed at the same time. Its been years since i put together a home theater system. The first time i was pretty happy with it and still use it daily. My inital system is dated but still pretty nice (60 Hitachi LCD (1080i), Onkyo TSDS-575X, samsung upcovert DVD, Front speakers JBL S38, Rears JBL S36, JBL S-Center, JBL PB-12 Sub). Anyway enough about that.

My basement system will consist of a Mistu HC5500 projector (1080p), a 100" screen, either an Onkyo or Yamaha reciever with HDMI switching, Samsung Blu-ray player, Xbox 360, and in-wall speakers??

My question now is what is the biggest bang for the buck for in wall speakers for around $1000 (just the fronts, center, rears ...not including the sub woofer). Personally I kinda bias to getting JBL's again since i had pretty good luck with them previously, but i am open to ideas.

Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you,