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    two or three way speaker set up ???

    parts express has two and three way crossovers and i am thinking of putting together new cabinets and going two or three way set up my ? is from reciever is 8 ohm load to speaker if i use a two or three way crossover in the cabinets will the reciever still see a 8 ohm load i have been out of the audio area for a while and cant remimber some of this type of things any help or generic diagrams would be greatly helpful thanks for any help

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    This post will probably generate a lot of further questions...

    As far as DIY. I guess I would start with the drivers. What sound do you like? Do you have them already? Are you going to buy? The drivers will determine the crossover, there will be an "ideal" crossover, you will try to build as close as possible using real components. There are several common circuits, the crossover function is determined by values of the RLC components. Resistance. Inductance. Capacitance. In the end, your impedence will have a nominal value, but will vary with frequency.

    With the prevalence of subwoofers now, I don't see a huge need for three-way speakers anymore. A pair of monitors and a sub (or two) can make a real nice system. Such a system takes a lot of load away from the main amp, too. Whatever makes you happy.

    What sound do you hope to accomplish? Describe in detail, there are people in the DIY community who can point you in just the right direction. You found PartsExpress already. Go to the "forum" section there and post a question. The good people there will take care of you.


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