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Thread: Tri Amping

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    Tri Amping

    Ihave 3 amp That would lik eto give some tri amp a go.
    I hope Ihave this setup correct.
    I have apre amp
    from thereinto the 3 amps.
    One amp fo highs mids and low end
    Justhave to figur out how t divide the cross overin speaker box to applypower to the 3 sspeakers .

    IhpeI am doing this right as well
    pre amp into the 3 amps then into cross over points then to drivers .
    Have t find th epint on the CO net work so I can put amp to corret point before solder in place.
    Am I going abouthis in a safe correct manner

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    I think i know what you are attempting to do but it depends on how your crossover is wired, Speakers made to be bi-amped or tri-amped have seperate crossovers electrically isolated from one another and use jumpers at the terminals to connect them so one amp can be used (this is called a parrallel crossover configuration). In your case if you only have one pair of terminals on the rear then chances are it may not be a parrallel but a series or a combination series/parrallel configuration. in which you would need to completely rewire the crossover to electrically isolate each driver and most likely ruin a competent crossover design. (you dont mention the speakers so its hard to say). Please...put the soldering gun down slowly and back away...slowly... let the amps and speakers live!
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    Go from the preamp to an active crossover 3 way stereo you can mono the sub if you want.This splits the signals to low,med,high. DBX makes cheap ones to very high end. then to 3 amps then to the 3 speakers. each speaker gets its own amp.

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