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    Time to Choose...

    Alright, so I've narrowed my search down to two speakers:

    1) B&W 602 Bookshelves
    2) Monitor Audio S1 Bookshelves

    The B&W set I am going to audition on Saturday with our local custom home theater experts. They are last years model, new, but for $400 for the pair, which unless I have the wrong info, is a steal. They are bigger than the monitor audios though and placement may be a problem due to the fact my TV is situated in the corner.

    The Monitor Audio set I saw online and is also $400 for the pair. Of course, I know nothing of the seller or the quality of the MA-S1, just what I read online.

    Any suggestioins? Thanks.

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    I prefer Monitor Audio in this matchup, but that's just me. Any reason why those two?

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    The B&W DM602 S3's at $400.00/pr is an absolute steal. So what if they've been replaced now with the new 600 series. They are a fantastic pair of loudspeakers. They have a 7" (180mm) main driver which is oversized for a typical bookshelf speaker but because of this size, they can easily fill a room with sound (but you'll still want a powered sub-woofer). I had come close to buying them a few years ago but went with the DM601's instead due to budget reasons. By now (10/31), you've auditioned them and may have already made the purchase. If you have, how do you like them? If not, I'm sure you'll be happy with whatever choice you made.

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