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    Swan Speakers...interesting...

    Have looked at Swans 2.1s over the past couple of years, mainly because of striking appearance, real wood cabinets and some good reviews here.. See link attached. They apparently have these made in China using a company named Hi Vi reseach....and on their website they refer you to Parts Express (well established old company) for the raw drivers and give you the part number...tn28 tweeter and m6n driver for example on the 2.1s. The combined cost for the raw speakers would be about 170.00 for 2 speakers which sell for about 450.00. Im rather impressed they would let us know the quality and price of the components. Most big names dont make their own raw speakers and I would suspect some of the bigger names have much cheaper components than they would like to admit.Might be an interesting thread if anyone knows who makes drivers for Klipsch, B & W, Dynaudio etal...

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    yeh after I was looking at a couple swan speakers earlier this month, I could have sworn I saw those drivers before, and sure enough they were on I think Dynaudio is doing it as well. This woofer looks just like a woofer I saw in one of their bookshelf models (forget whch) and the name of it makes me wonder if its either a scam or the real deal.

    partsexpress also has numerous infinity and jbl drivers as well.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Debbi
    Might be an interesting thread if anyone knows who makes drivers for Klipsch, B & W, Dynaudio etal...
    B&W, Dynaudio and JM Lab make their own.

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