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    subwoofer selection

    hello all. After having my system for 8 years I decided to upgrade with a subwoofer which I should have bought long ago. I have a Dennon 60 watt per chan. receiver,definitive tech. bp6 fronts, procenter c2 center, and promonitor100 satelites. The system is used for music, xbox360, and some movies. Right now I'm considering a definitive tech. prosub800 or velodyne vrp1200. Are these compatabe with my system? I really don't want to spend much more than the $400 that the prosub800 cost. Any other subs recommended will also be considered.


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    A little over budget but may I suggest this from part express

    I own the 10 and 15 inch. Super easy to put together and trust me when I say these are some very nice sounding subs.

    I have no experience with the other 2 you are looking at so maybe someone else will chime in on that.

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    I too have no experience with Def Tech prosub800, or Velodyne,
    but I have 2 of the 10" Titanic MKIII subs and for the price they
    are great performers, on sale for $315, free

    Also a HSU STF-2 for $380 shipped would be a good choise
    IMO. 10" woofer, 200W amp, and ext down to 25

    Good luck with whatever you choose....and welcome to the forum....vardo

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    I typically recommend Velodyne to people who are wanting to spend about what you are, they have a large selection of subs that meet a large variety of budgets.

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