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    Subwoofer hookup help needed!

    I have a Denon integrated amp with no "subwoofer out". Is there another way to hook up a subwoofer? Thanks in advance.

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    Does the sub have high level speaker in and outs? If so just run speaker wires from the amp to the speaker level in then wires from the speaker level outs to the speakers. Then just set your crossover and level.

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    What subwoofer? Most of them have a way of wiring the directly from the speaker outs, then running a second pair of speaker wires out from them to the speakers.

    Alternatively (and this only works if you have one source), put a splitter on your source, run one to the subwoofer, the other to the integrated amp inputs.

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    Thanks, guys!

    I appreciate the help.

    I don't have the sub yet but I know what to look for in one now. Lotta LF content in those Merzbow CD's.

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    I'm pretty sure though that the amp would have some kind of premain input/output. You would simply use the premain output and run it through the subwoofer's high pass crossover and route the filtered signal back into the amplifier. Unfortunately, most subwoofer nowadays do not include a high pass filter, so you would likely need to attach an external bass management device like the Paradigm X-30 or Outlaw ICBM. This will give you a dedicated output to the subwoofer and includes a high pass crossover that filters out the low frequency content and feeds it back into the amplifier's premain input.

    Otherwise, if you intend to run the subwoofer in parallel with the main channels just to augment the lows (with no filtering of the low frequencies on the main channels), you would simply run the line level output (either from a premain output or from a tape output) into the subwoofer and use the low pass crossover on the subwoofer to determine which frequency the subwoofer kicks in.
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