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Thread: Subwoofer Help

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    Subwoofer Help

    So I have a MacBookPro, and bought Logitech Z4 speakers. They work fine, but I would like to hook an additional sub up to it. Do they sell stand-alone subwoofers with digital audio (green) inputs? And if so, what do you recommend? Thanks in advance 8-).

    P.S. I have a digital audio splitter.

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    i'm not to familliar with this but i'm assuming you mean the little headphone-size jack for an input, corresponding with the colored output on your sound card? if you cannot find a sub that has this, just get a headphone to RCA conversion cable at any radioshack or even K-mart. i have several of them i use for hooking headphone-equipped things to stereos, and RCA equipped things like PS2's to portable speakers (or powered computer units like your Z4's).

    i havent personally tried this with my sub because my sound card isnt good enough, but i'm assuming it should work. audio techies chime in in case i'm wrong...but i think i'm right.

    this means you can use any sub you want with RCA inputs. have fun, and dont drown yourself in bass

    one thing - do you want to run both subs or a whole new one? because you're either going to need two subwoofer outs on your computer, or a headphone splitter cable to MAKE it two. not sure if you'll get signal loss with the splitter but once you have the new sub you probably wont want your old one, that is if you pick a good replacement.

    you have tried different placements for your current sub to make sure its not enough right? i'd hate for you to shell out and then discover placing your sub in the corner of your room and/or under your desk would have been enough.
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    green inputs? normally those are analog minijacks. you could split the signal and use one side of the splitter for the speakers and the other for the sub. basically, you could go for every active sub, it's up to you to find one that matches your needs (and your budget).

    however, those aren't very high quality speakers, neither are they made to rock the house; getting a $$$ sub will be pretty overkill, and it will be too much bass. don't get anything bigger than 10", otherwise you'll have so much bass that you'll have to crank your speakers just to hear the music.

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