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    Subwoofer causes noise

    Hello, I have an AR S108PSB Subwoofer hooked up to a pioneer vsx-1014TX Receiver. The subwoofer while connected causes a static type noise to sometimes come out of my Speakers. My Front and Center are also AR sorry forgot the model #, and my surronds are from a Wharfdale modus movie 7 package. As soon as I unplug the subwoofer from the wall outlet the noise will not happen again. Please help me figure out how to fix this. Thanks in advance.

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    I'm not entirely sure what is causing your problem. The first thing I would check is the connection between the subwoofer cable and the subwoofer. Is the plug all the way in and is the connection snug fitting and not loose? I would also check the connection between the subwoofer cable and the receiver. You may need to replace your subwoofer cable if the connections are not snug. Another thing you might try is to place an EMI filter between the subwoofer AC plug and the wall outlet. I think you can get one from Radio Shack. Also, some surge protectors have built-in EMI filters.

    It would help to know exactly when the crackling occurs.

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    The Noise comes and goes, I have a monster cable connected to the subwoofer and it has a solid connection. I will try a surge that blocks emi.

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    Sounds like a ground loop getting formed whenever you plug in your subwoofer. A couple of things that you can try to diagnose this.

    First thing you can do is to run the power cord from the subwoofer into the same outlet as your receiver. (Or if it's already plugged into the back of the receiver or on the same cord strip, try plugging the sub into a different outlet)

    If that does not work, then you should get a "cheater plug" at a hardware store (these are the plugs that turn a three-prong plug into a two-prong plug) and plug your subwoofer into that.

    If either of these steps eliminate the noise, then you definitely have a ground loop. The cheater plug is not necessarily something you keep on a permanent basis. The best thing to do is to find another circuit to plug the subwoofer into.

    In my room, I get noise on my subwoofer whenever I plug in my printer and laptop computer at the same time.

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