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Thread: stands & screws

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    stands & screws

    Hello all,

    I always let my Paradigm Studio Ref 20 speakers on the floor stands using only gravity to bind them together but my daughter is now old enough to stand up by herself and I am afraid she could run into the stands and make the speakers fall.

    There are pre-drilled holes on the stands (and they came with a set of screws) but there aren't any at the bottom of the speakers.

    What should I do? Could I just drill pilot holes at the bottom of the speakers and screw them in the stands? Is that going to damage them?

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    from what i understand there shouldnt be any problem with drilling small holes into your speakers. now, having said that i am not one to go and put holes in a set of expensive speakers, so there is another alteernative. whilst it may not be AS binding as screws, many hifi stores now use "blue-tac" to paste down there booksheleves to the stands. It works really good and gives the speaker a solid closure with the stand itself. I think you can buy blue-tac at any drugstore or kmart.

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    As long as the hole is not through then it's fine. However, I would suggest to strap the speaker to the stand together, using velcro perhaps..

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