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Thread: Speakers wiring

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    Speakers wiring

    Hi, Can anybody help me, I need to install for my association a Public Address system amplifier and speakers. So it 30 speakers of 4-8 ohms with 50-100 Watts each (10-15 watts per speaker needed) and assumed the circuit could be series and parallel divided in 4 circuit of 8 ohmsor as You probably instruc me. I need help to know if I can install these speakers as mentioned above and if possible thence what will be the power of the PA amplifier. Kindly advise please. If You would like to email me don't hesitate...Thanks for all. Joby

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    For 30 speakers I would go with a 70volt system. You can learn about them at this webpage but there is a lot of others...

    Yorkville Sound: 70 Volt Systems Explained

    Hope this helps and good luck.
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    Yep, I agree, 70v. A quality amp for this look at Bogen.

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