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    I'm looking for decent right/left channel and center channel speakers to start my new home theater...
    The components I've purchased so far are:
    TV: Samsung HL-R4667W
    Receiver: Yamaha HTR-5960

    This will be for rectangular FR (11'x15') with the TV being on the wall that's 11'

    Not looking for high end as this is only the FR, will do high end in basement.. Will mostly be watching TV (some sports) and listening to music (mainly R&B and dancehall raggae, so bass is important)..

    Going to start with these, then move on to rear and sub in a couple of months or so...


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    ...are really your choice...they are what you actually hear and you have to like them...

    As per the Yammie site, the rec is rated @110WpcX5 so more than sufficient power is there...

    Now the questions: Bookshelf? Floorstanders? Price range? Listened to anything yet? Anything you are interested in? What's available within your locality?

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    ya, more info...depending on your budget, you might need a sub to get that pounding bass you want

    or some huge towers! if you have the budget, look at the paradigm 90P, its a huge tower with a build in in EACH

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    We really need a budget for any good suggestions.

    I would suggest a sub for the bass you are talking about.

    Regarding speakers I would recommend the Paradigm Mini-Monitors, reasonable at $400 per pair or so depending where you live. Another alternative are the Paradigm Titans, around $225 or so per pair. Both are great sounding speakers and decently priced.

    A decent sub will cost around $400 or so and will complement the speakers quitel nicely.

    I have the RX-V659 which is basically the same as your receiver and my Titans sound great but I want to upgrade to the Mini's because they do sound better.
    TV: LG 50PC3D plasma tv
    Receiver: Yamaha RX-V659
    DVD: Philips DVP5960
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    Remote: Harmony 659

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    Just a couple of thoughts,first make sure that the speakers you select have a matching center and surrounds available.Also we would need a budget to give you good suggestions,but your room is small,so you want good quality bookshelves and a good sub.If you spend 600.00 on mains budget the same for the sub,it is very important in this kind of system.


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