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    speaker upgrade. need help

    Amp. is a Luxman M-375 (2*150 RMS) and pre amp is Luxman C-383

    I also would like to upgrade my speakers, my budget is max $1500 i would like to know what speakers shall i look for for if i want excellent details, clarity and yet powerful bass. i would like as much power as possible but i dont want the speakers to be underpowered.

    i'm looking at:

    mission 782SE
    dynaudio audience 52
    ATC SCM12
    any other suggestion appreciated. thanks in advance


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    Check out the Rocket by Onix 750's. Amazing bass from 4 5.25" drivers with a Dick Pierce crossover. These are from an internet only direct company known for excellent products and customer support.

    Check or the forum at AV123 to see if anyone in your area will let you audition them, or try them in your home for 30 days [you pay for shipping, but they rarely go back].

    Here's the link:

    The also have the Reference 1 which is a bookshelf speaker with a big sound at the same price.

    Happy hunting.
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    i haven't heard the dyn's yet, but i like the sonus faber concertos in that price range (even cheaper used)

    if you have a tweeter nearby give them a call, they should have sonus faber

    my take on this speaker, very warm but with plenty of treble detail and bass, they sound huge, subwoofer not required, very open soundstage, does not sound like a speaker, sounds like your sitting front of the band, just pure bliss!

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    Consider also JM Lab Cobalt 806s. In case you like the sound, you should be able to buy in France for much cheaper.
    Good luck.

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